Monday, February 27, 2012

A Very Pinteresting Bathroom Re-do

My husband and I have been doing quite a bit of redecorating and DIY projects around the house.  The latest room in our home to get an updating is one of the bathrooms.  I got to try out several fun ideas that have been floating around Pinterest lately.

Our redecorating projects coincided nicely with the demolition of our friend's old shed.  This is one piece of reclaimed wood from his shed.  I borrowed the idea of attaching a mason jar to a piece of wood using a dryer clamp.  I honestly don't know who to credit for that idea because it's all over Pinterest. I liked the idea of using it for my makeup brushes and filled it with coffee beans to make the brushes easier to reach.  And the extra coffee smell in the morning is nice.  :)

I should take the time to brag on my husband here and mention that the portion of the wall behind this wood piece used to have an ugly construction-grade medicine cabinet on it.  He removed the cabinet and patched it up with drywall.  This is a big deal for us, because he is not so much a carpenter.  We also painted the walls yellow.

To go along with the whole mason jar theme, I made these soap and lotion dispensers.  This was really, really simple.  I just drilled a hole through the tops of the lids and kept increasing the drill bit size.  I had to do a little prying with needle-nose pliers to get the hole big enough for the dispensers; which are just taken from other soap dispensers that I had around the house.  I did have to trim them because they were a bit long.  I used my glue gun to attach the dispenser to the lid.  I am starting to develop a good relationship with my glue gun even though we got off on a rocky start.  Again, this idea is so common around Pinterest that I don't know who to credit for this.

We updated the basic mirror by creating a frame to go around it.  We used crown molding for this and we decided to use the MDF variety because it is more water resistant.  The down-side is that it was bowed a great deal.  My husband borrowed a miter saw to cut the corners at a 45 degree angle.  We tried to decrease the bowing as much as possible by putting the pieces on a flat surface and then placing large boxes on top to weigh them down.  That helped a little.

We painted The MDF pieces gray.  We actually used the Home Depot color match system to match it to the gray cabinet you can barely see in the corner of this picture.  I think the color came out great.

To attach the frame we used liquid nails and the glue gun.  We taped each of the four pieces into place first to make sure it was all lined up the way we wanted it.  Then we took the pieces off one at a time to apply the adhesives.  My husband used liquid nails all the way across and I followed behind with the glue gun (by this time glue gun and I were really starting to get along).  As we put each piece back on the mirror we taped it down again in the same place.  We had to use quite a bit of force and tape in one area that was bowed a lot.  But it came out great.  We took the tape off 24 hours later and voila!


Here is a shot of the new-old cabinet that we found at an antique store.  Much better than that plain one that the house came with.  By the way, let me know if you are interested in a free construction-grade medicine cabinet ;)

This towel hook was another antique store find.  It replaces the cheap towel rod that fell off every time I grabbed for my towel.

My husband and I are not fans of the brass colored door knobs and hardware that are all over the house.  Instead of replacing them all, we spray painted them with Rustoleum's Metallic Spray Paint in Oil-Rubbed Bronze.  This stuff works great and we used it for all the doorknobs, door hinges and face plates.  This was waaay more affordable than replacing them all.

Aaaaand what bathroom re-do would be complete without an super cool new toilet paper holder.  This hand forged steel toilet paper holder came from Etsy.  The seller's name is VolcanoForge.


Oops, I almost forgot to mention this.  Not to be outdone by a toilet paper holder, my husband also replaced the faucets and light fixtures with an oiled bronze set that completes the look.

And there we have it.  A nice relaxing sanctuary where I can spend NO time alone because of my three year old sweetie-pie.  I guess I should enjoy it now because one day she will pretend that she doesn't know me.

Oh, and we do plan to tile the floors.  But we will wait until this summer.


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