Friday, July 20, 2012

Introducing Rose

Meet Rose. She joined our family this week as part of my I-think-I-will-just-buy-anything-I-want-with- no-regard-to-my-finances-spree. So far, she has been a very welcome addition to my sewing collection. My daughter named her Rose, after Briar Rose in Sleeping Beauty, and the name just kind of stuck.

I used to have a dress form many years ago. She wasn't much to look at. She was one of those "adjustable" kinds.  She was supposed to help you find the "perfect" fit, put she did not work out that well for me.  And, she really wasn't very pinnable. So I donated her to the theater department of the school I was working at during that time.

This time around I decided I wanted something a little more pretty. I pictured her as a pseudo art piece when not in use. I did not spend a fortune. I went for a Roxy, which is pretty bottom-based price for that type of dress form. She is foam on the inside and covered with a jersey fabric.

She has already helped me make a skirt; which I will write about this weekend. The totally weird part is that she is almost EXACTLY my measurements to a 'T'. Her shoulders are a bit lower and her waist is a teensy bit smaller. But other than that, it's almost like she was made just for me. That's why I don't see any reason to try to pad her to my body shape at this time. Maybe later down the road...

Does anyone else out there use a dress form?  If so, did you buy a fancy one?  Do you use it often, or does it just sit there?

I'm also soooo excited this week!  My swimsuit refashion was featured at Practically Functional, Threading My Way, Mine for the Making, as well as on the Facebook Page of The CSI ProjectIf you haven't been to these sites yet, you should check them out and link up your projects.


  1. Rose is oddly magnetic. I've always wanted one of these whatever they're called things, but I'd like mine to be less authentic human torso looking. Maybe made of wire.

    1. I think the wire ones are really pretty. They have a vintage feel to them.

  2. If I can ever get my studio cleaned out, I plan on getting one for my sewing. I looked at the Roxy, but I'd have to add padding and a new cover to get it to fit my measurements. Can you pin into it?

    1. Yes, you can. It feels like there is styrofoam underneath the fabric.


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