Monday, July 23, 2012

Knit Circle Skirts for BB and Me

easy circle skirt

I used to be terrified of knits.  I always loved the feel of knits, but every time I tried to work with them, my project became a disaster. Now that I am no longer afraid I seem to be on a knit-quest.

I bought this fabric several months ago.  Every couple of weeks I had a new plan enter my head about what to do with it.  Even after I started making this skirt, I wasn't sure how it would end (which is often the case for me).

I decided to try a circle skirt.  I've never made a circle skirt before. And, if I'm going to make a skirt with a LOT of fabric at the bottom, I might as well use a fabric that doesn't need to be hemmed.

make an easy skirtAs I suspected, after I made the skirt for me, BB wanted one just like it.  I love that every time I finish a project for myself she says "I wish I could have a skirt (or dress, shirt) like that."
It always makes me smile when she says that.  But this time I knew I would have enough fabric to deliver.  So we now have matching skirts.  Maybe I am a dork because I love to have matching clothes.

circle skirt tutorial

I think a lot of crafty, blogging types know that there is a very great and easy to follow circle skirt tutorial on Dana-Made-It.  I found a really great modification on iCandy that helped me alter the pattern slightly to make it work for a stretchy knit.

The only change to the pattern is that I subtracted two inches from the waist measurement (instead of adding two inches).  This made up for the stretchiness and heavier weight.

knit skirt

After cutting out the skirt, I cut a strip that was four inches wide and one inch longer than my waist measurement.  With the right sides facing I sewed the ends of the strip together to make the waistband.

This next step required a bit more thinking than I am used to.  I knew that I wanted the waistband to fold over.  So, I pinned the waistband to the skirt with the wrong sides facing.  In the picture above, the skirt is right side out, and the waistband is right side in.  

I lined the seam of the waistband up with the back of the skirt.  Then I pinned the front by finding the center of the skirt and the center of the waistband.  Next I pinned the sides, then added several pins in between.  Because this knit was kinda heavy, I used a lot of pins.

Then I sewed the waistband on and voila! Instant skirt.  I did no hemming or seam finishing.  Ahhhhh... I HATE hemming.

knit circle skirtcircle skirt

Here are a couple of shots of the waistband.  (You can also see that it has been a few days since BB gave me a manicure.)  I honestly wasn't sure if the folded over waistband would work without anymore finishing.  I was afraid it would roll up and expose the seam.  But it totally does not!  It stays in place quite nicely :)

knit circle skirt

BB's skirt took even less time.  I used the same formula for her skirt.  But I did make a couple of changes on hers.

I knew that BB would never be able to handle a rolled waistband.  So I folded her waistband in half before I sewed it to the skirt.  I basically made a long tube for her waistband.  Then I sewed it to the skirt with the right sides facing.

I also made the waist a bit too big for her.  So, I made a couple of darts on the sides of the waistband.  I did not cut the excess fabric inside the darts.  That way I can take them out next summer and (hopefully) get a whole other year out of it.  

make a skirt
BB LOVES this skirt.  It has been three days since I made it and she has not taken it off... even for sleeping.  However, she did allow me to wash it once.  She calls it her twirly skirt.

And I can see why she loves it.  The knit fabric is soooo comfy.  Especially when it's super hot outside.  I love my skirt also.

And it's fun for me to twirl too :)

She even convinced begged me to wearing a matching shirt with her to go shopping.  Yes, I felt weird doing it.  Yes, we got a lot of stares.  But I know that I have to hold onto these moments while I have them.  A few years from now she will probably not even want to acknowledge me in public, much less wear the exact same outfit.

And I'll have the pictures to prove that once upon a time she did ;)

simple summer skirt


  1. The skirts turned at very cute! Popped over from SugarBee Crafts

    1. Thanks Ashley. I'm so glad to popped over :)

  2. So cute! I have been wanting to make one of these but haven't gotten around to it. I love that you made one for yourself and your daughter! I would love for you to share this on my weekly linky party Blog Stalking Thursday!

    1. Thanks Katie! I just joined your party :)

  3. Hi, I'm here via the pinkapotomis link up. These are really cute! I agree about not liking to hem - so I love that you don't need to worry about it when it comes to knits!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rhiannon :)

  4. Cute skirt. I have a link party, and I would love it if you would link this post. You can find it at
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    1. Thanks Debi! And thanks for hosting the party :)

  5. I love the matching skirts! How fun for your daughter to get to be like mommy! Great Job. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  6. they turned out great!

    visiting from the blog hop!

    Tamika @

    1. Thanks Tamika! I'm so glad you came by :)

  7. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party. These came out so cute.

  8. I can't wait to try this! I'm loving knit skirts and dresses, and I'm gearing up for my first project!


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