Monday, November 19, 2012

Has Anyone Tried Poshmark?

I'm usually the last to find out about anything these days. By the time I heard about Gangnam Style it was sooooo yesterday.

So, I came across this website called Poshmark and I was wondering if there is anyone else out there using Poshmark? I really like the concept.

The whole idea is like consignment really. You sell your old clothes (hopefully) and buy unwanted clothes from others. I found out about it yesterday, after I had already spent a good part of my Saturday looking around town for used jeans in my size.

I have already purchased a pair of jeans from Poshmark. Obviously they haven't had time to arrive yet. But they were much cheaper than a pair of used jeans from my local consignment stores. And, the prices are also higher than what I get when I try to sell back my jeans to my local jean store. It's like cutting out the "middle-man."

You can bargain with people like you would at a yard sale. Or you can ask them to "bundle" some items together and offer them a price. You can also ask people to make a trade.

I was wondering if anyone else out there has used this site. I can see where it can become very addictive. I have posted a few items so far if you want to check out my "closet."

Poshmark is made to be an iPhone app. It is designed to take pictures with your phone. And now that I am looking at them on my computer I am not as happy with them. Anyway, check it out:


  1. That sounds really cool! I had never heard of it either. .. going to check it out now. :)

  2. Just checked out the link to your looks really neat! I LOVE buying from consignment shops, especially for my daughter, so I might need to get in on this. Looks like you've had a bunch of things sell lately--awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog and contributing to Cans For Comments :) Following you now, too!


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