Sunday, December 23, 2012

Freeform Sewing

If sewing was like music, this dress would be freeform jazz. The other day I just grabbed some fabric scraps and started sewing. This is what happened...

The base of the dress is a large piece of purple flannel that I had leftover. It was already cut into a half-circle shape.

From there I cut a neck and some arms holes. I cut strips of the pink fabric on the bias. To give it a little different look, I didn't finish any of the edges (other than using a zig-zag stitch). I love "techniques" that double as a time-saver :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

It's a Wrap Top... and a tutorial!

how to make a wrap top
About a year ago I was introduced to a friend of a friend. She had on this really, REALLY cool wrap top. I mean it was REALLY cool. I didn't want to seem all creeper-ish or anything... so I refrained from taking pictures or feeling the material, but I did ask her about it.

Turns out she was a dancer and she said that she was wearing a ballerina wrap top. I had never heard of them, but when I saw it I knew I could try to make one.

wrap top DIY

make your own ballerina wrap shirt

A little over a year later and I have finally gotten around to it. I looked at some ballet style wrap shirts online, and also found a tutorial here at Creative Spaces that was very similar to what I had in mind. I started with her tutorial and changed it up a bit.

The project was fairly simple and the shirt is a keeper! So here is my very unprofessional tutorial: