Saturday, February 2, 2013

Some Minor Adjustments

I fell in love with this dress at first site. And, as many love stories go, it turns out this one could use just a few minor adjustments.  

The first thing to go were these buttons:

I wanted something that looked a bit more vintage.
I think these dress it up a bit too.

I liked the Empire Waistline, but I knew I wanted to wear a red belt. These buttoned tabs on the waistline were just in the way. And they made it very obvious if my belt slipped down. So I removed them.

And then there was the length. Just a bit too short for my taste. So I created a slip with red lace at the bottom. It's attached to the waist seam inside.

Now it's so perfect that I just HAD to buy these shoes to match!
(They really do match, I'm just not a great photographer.)

All ready to go out on the town :)


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