Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Fix for Uneven Buttonholes... and some advise, please

Here it is. My very first attempt at buttonholes. Not too shabby... But not too straight either.

Yes, I practiced on scrap fabric. And, yes I measured and marked the appropriate spots, etc., etc.

But lets' face it folks. Math is not my friend. All that measuring and dividing fractions and such. This is the best I got.

To top it off, the middle buttonhole is not even the same style as the others; as BB was very quick to notice. She's very observant, that one.

Despite her slightly annoying very helpful observation, she was very happy with the result and saw no problem with the buttonholes not being aligned. Gotta love her! I, on the other hand, kept picturing myself at her birthday party with friends' parents looking twice at her buttons and saying... "So, you made that dress, huh?"

My Fix?  Uneven buttons!

Now (unless they read this blog) they might think the unevenness is just part of the charm! Really, that philosophy mirrors my outlook on life. It's the little quirks that make life special... and accessory choices can make a HUGE difference on one's perspective :)

My fancy ma-sewing-machine (that's what BB calls it), has this super-cool automatic button-hole foot. It did take some time to figure it out. But once I did, it really was so easy. I can't believe I have shied away from buttons for this long. 

In fact, I was feeling so giddy that I used the ma-sewing-machine to sew on THE ACTUAL BUTTONS! I didn't even know I could do that! I just noticed it when I was reading the manual trying to figure out the whole button-foot-thingy.  It took... like... two seconds to sew on a button. And no thimble required :)

Now for the advice part. The bottom of the dress has a long underskirt that has a peek-a-boo effect. In my opinion, the blue fluffy is too long. When I suggested to BB that blue-fluffy was too long she was shocked that I would even utter such words. No such thing as too much fluffy, mom.  What do you think? Should I trim it? Or leave it be? My husband thinks it's fine. But, let's face it, what does he know about blue-fluffy?

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  1. What a lovely dress! And I love the quick fix idea with the mixed buttons =)
    I would personally trim the bottom. I think you are right about that.
    I wish I had a machine like that.. mine is very oldschool.


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